Happy New Year Wishes 2019 for Son

New Year Wishes for son

Everybody have their complete family some are failed to get God’s blessing in shape of Son as if you have son he will be  your support in your old age but it not means that girls can not be your support in old age. its public thinking so i quote here, happy new year 2019 is not so far away from us. if you are looking to send wishes to your son, this is the best time to wish him happy new year.

These are some best wishes for you son, send it to son after receiving, he will realize that how you love him. If you are mother you love more to you son. mother can wish to son with these lines are provided below.

New Year Wishes for son
New Year Wishes for son

“You are my son but you’re also my star,
You are my moon, whether near or far,
You are my blessing till death comes between,
Even while I’m awake, you are still my dream,
One day another soul will whisk you away,
Please wait till tomorrow so I can keep you today,
I’ll always love you and hold you dear,
So please have a happy new year.

New Year Wishes son and doughter
New Year Wishes son and doughter

“I’ve loved you from the day you were born,
And if you were gone, my heart would be torn,
Whenever we’ve spoken, I’ve been sincere,
And nothing has changed so have a happy new year.”

New Year Wishes to baby
New Year Wishes to baby

“At this special time of year,
I feel the need to remind you,
Your heart is welded to my soul,
And my love for you is true,
Take life as it comes,
And learn from your mistakes,
When you’re trying to hard,
Remember to take a break.
Happy New Year sweetheart.”

New Year Wishes to cute son
New Year Wishes to cute son

“You are the apple of my eye,
And for you I’d gladly die,
You’re my inspiration to live,
To love and to give,
You give meaning for me to be here,
So enjoy life and have a happy new year.”

New Year Wishes to doughter
New Year Wishes to doughter

“If loving you cost me one pound a day,
It’s a price I’d happily pay,
If loving you cost me a stone in weight,
It’s cholesterol I’d appreciate,
If loving you meant I’d be poor,
I’d embrace this status and not be sore.
Happy New Year sunshine.”

“Enjoy your life on this special day,
And try not to head too far astray,
Love those around you with all your heart,
Don’t be depressed when times are dark,
Embrace any change and remain sincere,
And try your best to have a happy new year.”

“Your life is your own,
So do what makes you unique,
Follow your chosen path,
And let your soul leak,
Into the lives of others,
Whether they are strong or weak,
This new year is for you as well,
So let you scent reek.
Happy New Year.”

“On this great day or fresh beginnings,
I’d like to wish those I love most,
A prosperous new year and the best of luck,
You never know what lies ahead my son,
So count your gifts and blessings,
And make this year one for the books.
Happy New Year.”

“You have your whole life ahead of you,
So make some more mistakes, make milkshakes,
Make memories and make me some grandchildren,
Make love but be safe,
Make friends from any race,
Make cakes and go on dates,
But above all, please yourself and others,
Starting by having a happy new year.”

“I know this year you want to change,
So find the strength within yourself,
Maintain your happiness and health,
Pick yourself up at the first hurdle,
And persist,
Even if it’s at the speed of a turtle.
Happy New Year my beautiful son.”